[Children’s diet mix]_Diet mix_Children_How to eat

[Children’s diet mix]_Diet mix_Children_How to eat

Because the child is very young, the body has various developmental functions and inadequate digestive function, so it is necessary to pay special attention to diet. Otherwise, it will not only affect the normal life activities of the body, but also affect the child’s growth and development to a certain extent.Inhibitory effect.

So, what is a child’s diet pairing?

First of all, it is necessary to match animal food and plant food well; second, amaranth is matched with vegetarian food (every meal is also vegan); again, coarse grains are matched with fine grains, and there are fine grains and coarse grains every day.

Dry, thin mix, dry food in the morning, noon and evening, soup and porridge.

Finally, salty and sweet mix, children and children are better off eating sweets.

In addition to doing the above, you should eat 1-2 times a week, pig liver, fish or poultry, and 2-3 times a week, seaweed, seaweed, black fungus and other fungi and algae foods.Sesame butter should be consumed often.

Of course, the body needs a certain proportion of various nutrients.

Due to the absorption of various nutrients in the human body, there is a mutual coordination and correlation relationship.

The supplementary amount of various supplementary nutrients should be supplemented within a reasonable range. Too little supplementation will cause nutrient deficiency, and excessively high levels will lead to substitution, which are not good for health.

The ingredients of the variety include both animal foods and plant foods, that is, mixed foods made of various condiments such as cereals, beans, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, fats, and sugar.

Children are in a fast-developing stage and their nutritional needs are comprehensive, so their dietary mix becomes very important.

Children’s nutritional balance must at least meet the following basic requirements: ensure the number of dietary variations; the body’s demand for various nutrients has a certain proportion; the absorption of various dietary nutrients should be considered within a reasonable range.