The old man has five fears

The old man has “five fears”

When people are old, they are not afraid of being as fearless as they were when they were young. Sometimes you feel that there is nothing to be afraid of, but for the elderly, they are scared.
Therefore, as a child who wants to honor the elderly, if you want to care for the elderly, you need to understand the “five fears” of the elderly in addition to a lot of things.
  Afraid to close The old people’s awareness of society will degenerate with age, and the elderly are reluctant to accept new things.
Facts have proved that the more closed the elderly, the faster they age, the more they think they are incompatible with this society. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the elderly to get out of the closed environment. If the elderly can be as loyal to the young as the young people.Internet, travel, then the elderly will be physically and mentally happy, reducing the incidence of disease.
  I am afraid that when I am young, I often hope that when I am old, I will have no worries and no need to work.
But when you are old, you will find that the spirit is untrustworthy and you can’t afford the spirit every day. Therefore, you should do something a little more when you are old. Even if you help people send newspapers and collect water and electricity bills, they can let themLife is full and reduces the incidence of depression.
  Fear of being alone The old man is most afraid of being alone, no one is accompanying.
But today’s young people are working outside, and there is very little time to spend time with their parents. At this time, the elderly should come out, participate in some group activities, make more friends, find a few people who can talk, and stay away.Lonely, optimistic and upward emotions will benefit the elderly.
  Fear of change There is a saying called An Duo’s later years. The older the older, the smaller the psychological capacity, the most unbearable changes in life, even if only a small frustration is enough to make the elderly do not think about rice for several days.
Therefore, in the event of a change, the family will give the elderly more attention and psychological solutions.
  怕疾病  人老体弱,一些疾病经常会侵袭老年人的身体,患了疾病的老年人心理会变得越发脆弱,对生活失去信心,这样坏的心情极易引起疾病的恶化,如此反复,对The health of the elderly is extremely unfavorable.
Such an elderly person needs to see a psychiatrist frequently and psychologically guide him, so that he can help him maintain an optimistic mood, overcome the disease, and live a long and healthy life.
  It turns out that the elderly have so many things that are scared. Young people should learn more about the psychology of the elderly and help the elderly avoid the “five fears” mentioned above in daily life. This will help maintain the mental health of the elderly.