White cut chicken home practice, Guangdong mother-in-law to do this, both simple and crisp and tender

White cut chicken home practice, Guangdong mother-in-law to do this, both simple and crisp and tender

White-cut chicken, also known as white pheasant, is a well-known food in Guangdong. It is characterized by simple production, and it can still maintain the original flavor of chicken, so that the chicken tastes smooth and fleshy, light and delicious, and is loved by many people.Through the continuous improvement of living standards, people are now paying more and more attention to nutrition and nutrition. They generally eat relatively light dishes, and white-cut chicken just meets this standard, which also leads many people to cook at home.However, the taste to be done is always too different from what is done outside.

In fact, it is basically the choice of chicken, because only the ingredients are good, and then with good technology, in order to be able to make crispy, tender and original white-cut chicken, for this food, basically Guangzhou nativesWill do, and do very delicious, in order to solve the doubts of many food friends, then today Xiaobian to share, white cut chicken often practice, Guangdong mother-in-law to do so, basically simple, and crisp and tender.

Prepare ingredients: three yellow chicken, scallions, ginger, sand ginger, garlic, white, sugar, salt, soy sauce.

Production method: First of all, the choice of chicken is very high, it is best to choose three yellow chicken, because the meat quality of these chickens is firm and tender, and the taste is very delicious. After the three yellow chickens are bled, the internal organs are removed from the position of the buttocks.Dig out, if you can not operate, you can let the business handle, pour enough water into the pot, open the fire and boil, put the whole chicken into the pot, wait about 1 minute, and fish itPut it out in the cold water and cool it, then add it to the pot and continue to burn it. This is repeated 4 times, so that the chicken skin can be made crisp and crisp, and it is not afraid of loose skin when cutting.

Then put the whole chicken in the pot, add the scallion knot, stew the ginger slices together, wait until the water is opened, cover the lid and turn it into a small fire, let the water temperature slowly fall back to 90 degrees, so that the fire can be turned off.Cook it, cook for about 30 minutes, then fish out the chicken and put it in ice water for 10 minutes. The chicken that comes out is delicious and crispy.

When the time is up, take the whole chicken out and cut into a plate, then add the right amount of cooking oil to the pot, add the chopped mortar, the end of the garlic, fragrant white and open the fire slowly, wait until the color becomes yellowish and you can turn off the fire.Then add sugar, salt and soy sauce for seasoning, stir it out, so that it can be eaten with white-cut chicken. The salty and sweet sauce is served with crispy chicken. It is really super enjoyable.

White-cut chicken is also known as white-broiled chicken. It is the most common type of Cantonese-style chicken sauce. It is a chicken.

It is characterized by simple production, fresh and not bad, no ingredients and original flavor.

The white-cut chicken skin is smooth and delicious, and is well-known in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Qingping chicken is also a kind of white-cut chicken.