Men should be careful!

Blind aphrodisiac increases the risk of prostate cancer

Men should be careful!
Blind aphrodisiac increases the risk of prostate cancer

The word man is always associated with robustness.

In fact, men must be healthy and strong, in addition to exercise, eating is also very important.

But blindly turning to the sun is also wrong. It will not bring “sexual” blessings at all, and it may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Men should be careful.

Blind aphrodisiac increases the risk of prostate cancer. Experts who do not develop retinal pills or have retinal pills (such as eunuchs) will not develop prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer, which indicates that prostate cancer is closely related to male testis and androgen in the body.

“If you feel that your male androgen secretion is not strong enough, it is best to go to the hospital. If you don’t add it, taking or overdosing male hormone products may increase your risk of cancer.

“,”, it has not been pointed out that if there is already prostate cancer lurking in the body, it still suffers from male androgen products, which leads to the deterioration of the disease.

At the distal end, prostate cancer mortality has climbed to the top of the malignant tumor mortality rate in Europe and the United States, and its prevalence is also increasing.

Prostate cancer occurs in the elderly, and the incidence increases with age.

Its incidence in people with a family history of prostate cancer is significantly higher than in the general population.

Epidemiological investigations have found that prostate cancer is also related to living standards and diet structure. The higher the risk of prostate cancer, the higher the protein and plasma in the diet.

Common Symptoms of Prostate Cancer 1. Urinary Difficulties For men, the most obvious stage of prostate cancer at the beginning is the difficulty of urinating due to urethral compression and narrowing of the bladder outlet.

In the early stage, only the urine flow became thinner and sometimes it was painful.

As the residual urine increases, the amount of urine in the bladder is reduced, so there are symptoms such as frequent urination and nocturia.

However, through the development of the disease, the symptoms are increasing.

2, radiation pain The pain of prostate cancer is more common, especially in the patient’s pelvis, lumbar vertebrae and lymph nodes around the nerves are more prominent.

Usually manifested as low back pain, if the pelvic nerve is involved, and such pain will directly turn to the perineum, prevention, pain development of the waist and lower extremity radiation.

3, systemic effects of patients with prostate cancer, will appear in the daily routine, because of the relationship between pain, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, the body gradually weakened, and even scattered metastatic tumor destruction can produce anemia.

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