Emotional stimulation can also cause more dreams, how to correct?

Emotional stimulation can also cause more dreams, how to correct?

We have already introduced in the above, dreaming is essential for every normal person, and there are some benefits.

So why are many people worried about dreaming?

They think that dreaming affects the sleep effect, which leads to many uncomfortable symptoms during the day.

This is actually not the case. If you ask these people carefully, you will find that they have psychological factors of various troubles.

It is these psychological factors that affect the normal sleep at night and also cause other symptoms.

They can also experience the pain of troubles through dreams.

Some people have something to do with their dreams and some of the reasons they cause unpleasant feelings.

However, due to the psychological factors, the increased sleep time was taken up by “dream sleep”, while “dreamless sleep” did not increase, so the depth of sleep became shallower.

This kind of sleep can’t make the brain get enough rest and recovery, but it increases the stimulation. Objectively, the sleep is prolonged, but the effect is worse. After waking up, it will feel tired and not relieved.

Every night at night is awakened from a nightmare, which makes people subjectively think that they are dreaming all night.

  ”Dream all night”, in order to relieve symptoms; improve sleep, although you can take some sleeping pills to reduce “dream sleep” and increase the depth of “dreamless sleep.”

But this can only be used as a temporary symptomatic treatment.

If oral medication is used to deprive “dream sleep”, it will produce “dreaming pressure”. Once the drug is stopped, there will be a “rebound phenomenon”. As a result, the content and time of dreaming will increase significantly before taking the drug, so that the patient does not dare to stop taking the drug.I am afraid that stopping the medicine will bring more pain.

If you do not stop taking drugs, long-term service will be dependent on implanted drugs.

Therefore, taking sleeping pills can only be used as an auxiliary treatment.

  The fundamental method of treatment is to relieve the psychological factors that cause sleep.

If the patient adopts the correct method and attitude to face psychological difficulties through psychological treatment and specific guidance, and gradually resolves the difficult contradictions of reality, the painful dream will be reduced, and the sleep will return to normal, coexisting.Many other symptoms also disappear.

In short, the psychological factors of trouble are gone, and the series of reactions caused by it disappear.