The mystery of the Dragon Boat Festival custom: eating scorpions can clear the heat

The mystery of the Dragon Boat Festival custom: eating scorpions can clear the heat

In two days, it is the Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival is an important festival in traditional Chinese festivals.

In these few days, people will hang the calamus, wormwood, wormwood exorcism, drink realgar wine, five plus wine, eat scorpions, and hang sacs at the door to express the good wishes of maintaining a healthy body.

In the modern lifestyle, some of the ancient customs of the Dragon Boat Festival have been slowly replaced, and it turns out that our traditional customs contain many health secrets.

  Eating hazelnuts – clearing heat and removing troubles Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has the effect of replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen and appetizing digestion.

The leaves of the scorpion that are wrapped in the scorpion are over-exposed. Most of the northern leaves are made of reed leaves, and the south is mostly made of bamboo leaves or lotus leaves. These leaves have good medicinal functions.

Such as: eucalyptus leaves can heat the body, in addition to annoying thirst; bamboo leaves can clear the heat to remove trouble, diuretic detoxification; lotus leaves can clear heat and dampness, and stomach Ning Shen.

In general, the scorpion has the effect of clearing away heat and helping the spleen to appetite, especially suitable for early summer consumption.

  When eating, it should be noted that the raw material for making medlar is sticky and glutinous, and excessive eating may cause indigestion, so it is not gluttonous.

  Ayurveda – the detoxification in addition to the folk songs said: “The Qingming inserted Liu, the Dragon Boat Festival inserted Ai.

“At the Dragon Boat Festival, every household must put calamus and Aijia in the threshold and hang in the hall.

Ai Ye (also known as Artemisia argyi) is a traditional Chinese medicine that is fragrant and turbid. It has the effect of detoxification and mites.

Modern research has shown that suspended wormwood and burning wormwood do have the effect of sterilization and prevention of plague epidemics.

Ai Ye, Iris and the role of mosquito repellent, slowly burning Ai Ye mosquito repellent effect is better.

  Modern people have rarely hanged leaves such as wormwood and irises at their doorsteps.

For this problem, experts say that it can be solved by smoking and air mist.

Ordinary families can choose to close the doors and windows before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, and then use the calamus, Ai Ye, Realgar mixture smoked 2?
More than 4 hours, this can kill.

In addition, you can also go to the store to buy insecticides and insect repellent aerosols to achieve the purpose of pest control. Tuohuang wine – insecticide detoxification before and after the midday, so many areas in the south have entered the rainy season, weather conditions are conducive to mosquitoes, pestsActivity and reproduction.

And realgar is a traditional Chinese medicine that detoxifies and kills insects. It contains poisonous strontium salt. When the insects smell the food, they will be poisoned.

There are also many people who drink realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival, but because the main component of realgar is urea disulfide, it can be decomposed into a highly toxic arsenic after heat, so it is not recommended for oral administration.

  Spreading the realgar wine is one of the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

In the Dragon Boat Festival, the realgar is blended into the wine to make the realgar wine, which is sprinkled in the corner of the room and under the bed, with transfer of anti-mosquito and insecticidal effects.

Since the realgar can be absorbed from the skin, it should not be rubbed in a large area for external use to prevent poisoning.

  Drinking five plus wine – licking the wet and avoiding evil “five plus five in the first five months of May, brewing five plus wine” is a folk custom.

Five plus five plus skin, bitter and fragrant, five plus bark has a fragrant incense, can nourish liver and kidney and bones.

The folks believe that drinking five plus wine can help to avoid evil.

Wujiapi’s medicinal treatment is mainly for the treatment of kidney qi, abdominal pain, men’s impotence, urinary rest, women’s lumbar pain, two feet and so on.

The area is everywhere, especially suitable for drinking Wujiu during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  Hanging sachets – scattered winds and many cold places, many places have the custom of hanging sachets in the Dragon Boat Festival, is also a way to prevent infectious diseases.

The traditional Chinese medicine used in the homemade Dragon Boat Sachet has flies, musk, Wusong, Ai Ye, cinnamon powder, Amomum villosum L., white peony, two or two grams per flavor, plus 1 gram of clove.

The Chinese medicine is finely ground and placed in a cloth bag and replaced.

It can be placed on the chest, waist or navel, or you can hang the sachet at the door, indoors or in the car.

This traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine believes that there are scattered wind and cold, spleen and stomach, qi and pain, through the function of nine sputum, which leads to the role of disease prevention.