One egg a day, eat more meals

One egg a day, eat more meals

Weighed these days, repeated failures, fattening for a long time, but did not succeed half a flesh.

Yesterday I saw a news about anorexia, which scared me. Dinner was the only experience with no leftovers.

  In the morning, I called my mother. I said that I have started to gain weight now. I can finish one or two meals and two dishes. Before breakfast, I solved it with two biscuits, and now it is increased to four.

Mom asked: How many one or two rice do you have?

Is there a half bowl of the family?

I said: There are half bowls of hazelnuts.

My mother said that steaming rice at home is done according to each person’s three or two meals. You can’t eat us for a meal. You talked about it, we both noticed glutinous rice and red beans, I no longer drink Chinese medicine beauty.Start the diet.

Mom said that the diet is very right, pay attention to when eating, add some nutrition to the two outside, add an egg in the morning.

Regarding this egg problem, my mother said from high school that she has focused on an egg every morning, but I don’t have a cold on the egg unless it is a poached egg.

But in order to gain weight, I am very resistant to Xin’s how to cook eggs.

  My goal of fattening is not blind at all, as long as it increases to 46.

5kg is very satisfying.

My mother led a family to lose weight at home. The scorpion and the nephew walked around the square every night for 10 laps. I am alone here to gain fat. This is what the world is.

When I was at home, my nephew often picked me up to boast of his strength. A 10-year-old kid was facing a showful, funny life scene in a man who was going to run.

  In addition to fattening, my mother also said: to exercise.

Don’t think that if you don’t get fat, you don’t exercise. What you want is good health.

My mother exercised for two hours every night, exercised two hours every morning, and walked the ladder three times. The young man was stunned, and I couldn’t walk a space. Well, start exercising today.

No, actually, I also exercised last night. The dormitory is me alone. I put the music to the maximum and jumped aerobics. It feels good.

  To sum up: In order to gain weight, one egg a day, dinner and more meals, exercise can not be broken.