[Fresh Date Speed]_ Calories _ Nutritional Value

[Fresh Date Speed]_ Calories _ Nutritional Value

Because the vitamins and various nutrients contained in fresh dates help the body absorb them, their nutritional value is better than the ordinary red date fruits.

One is a processed product, and the other is a natural fruit. The nutritional content and transformation of the two are naturally different.

As a tonic food, fresh dates need to be eaten reasonably, not overeating, and reasonable control is the best. So how much is the conversion of fresh dates?

The nutritional content of fresh dates contains 18-23 grams of carbohydrates and 0 crude protein per 100 grams of fresh pulp.

86 grams, vitamin C50-85 mg, vitamins A1, B1, B2, K and other contents are also quite rich.

The content of fructose and glucose reaches 11-16%, and the soluble * solid content reaches 14-20%.

In addition, it also contains trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc.

In addition, the fruit of Dongzao is rich in nutrition, fresh in fruit and rich in nutrition, and has the health functions of purifying blood, helping digestion, and beauty.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat winter dates.

The amount of water in fresh dates is about 2/3. Others are mainly free radicals, transformation and vitamin C are high in fruits, and their potassium content is also high. It is helpful for alleviating edema. It is appropriate to eat during weight loss.

It is necessary to control how much fresh dates you eat every day.

Eating too many dates will increase the digestive burden on our organs. As a sweet tooth, jujubes eat too much and our substitutes and our digestive tract have a lot more burden than sugar decomposition. In addition, we must follow the concept of nourishing and conditioningYou cannot eat a lot of red dates to support yourself. This is not good and is not recommended.

So for the people with weak spleen and stomach in our population, the implantation of jujube in such people should be reduced at a normal level, and at the same time as supplementing red dates, they should also be consumed with Chinese medicine.

For patients who have just undergone surgery or a pregnant woman who has just given birth to a child, it is necessary to increase the normal amount of jujube. It is relatively appropriate to eat about ten jujubes per day.

Therefore, the daily required amount of red dates varies from person to person. We do not stipulate how to eat them, so friends should eat red dates scientifically according to the actual situation of their bodies.