What do you want to eat in the winter?

What do you want to eat in the winter?

For the elderly, due to the decline of the body’s function, the resistance is reduced, especially in the cold winter.

The so-called “winter supplements, spring to fight tigers”, many elderly people want to take advantage of the winter to adjust the body.

Diet therapy is a more effective way to regulate the body.

So what do old people eat in winter?

  1, black fungus black fungus contains trace elements, vitamin B1, B2, carotene, mannose, xylose, lecithin, cephalin, calcium, iron, etc., to prevent blood clotting, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, dry stool.

Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is flat, sweet, has qi, puzzle, blood effect, is effective for anemia, waist and legs, limb numbness.

  2, shiitake mushrooms contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, more than 50 kinds of enzymes and free amino acids, choline, etc., have inhibition of anabolism in the body, promote metabolic decomposition and discharge, prevent blood lipids from increasing.

  3, squid squid is rich in rich, digestible protein, trace, vitamin B2, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, selenium and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that squid is warm, sweet, has spleen and stomach, liver and kidney, cough and phlegm.

Winter squid is fat and delicate, and the fish is delicate. It is the best season for eating squid.

  4, mutton mutton is the most suitable meat food for winter consumption, it can not only protect the cold, but also complement, kill two birds with one stone.

Mutton warmth, into the spleen, kidney, Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Musk can warm up in the tonic, Buzhong Yiqi, appetizing fitness, benefiting the kidney, raising the eyesight, cure the laborCold, five labor and seven injuries.”

  5, Amaranth amaranth is warm, has the effect of tonifying the kidney and helping the yang, warming the appetizer, is also a good cold food.

Recommended recipe: scrambled eggs with chives.

Amaranth 200g, 3 eggs, salt, botanical pot, cut the leek and cut it, the egg is beaten in a bowl, and the salt is stirred evenly.

Heat the pan and heat the oil. Add the egg mixture and fry until ready.

Pour the oil in the pan, stir fry the leeks, add salt when it is cooked, pour in the eggs and mix well.

  6, soybeans and soybeans have relatively complete nutritional components, in which the protein is completely protein, containing high lysine, can supplement the deficiency of lysine in food.

It can be used as both a vegetable and a substitute for food.

Eating soy in winter is especially beneficial.

Chinese medicine believes that soy is sweet, has the effect of stomach, tone, spleen and Qi.

  7, oat oatmeal healthy staples of the alternative, there is the role of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Oats are rich in oat fiber, which is not found in other grains.

Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and because of the low heat content, it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also suitable for high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes people’s need for diet therapy.

  8, milk milk is one of the best sources of human nutrients.

The protein contains 9 kinds of essential amino acids in the human body; the small amount of particles is small and highly dispersed, so the digestibility is high; the small amount in milk is mainly lactose, which is beneficial to the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria and inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Chinese medicine believes that milk is sweet and flat, and it has the effect of nourishing the body, revitalizing the body, and quenching thirst.

Winter needs special attention to calcium supplementation, and calcium in milk is both abundant and easily absorbed.

  9, moderate drinking of red wine can prevent heart disease, diabetes and memory loss.

Although any kind of wine can play this role, outstanding leaders are not red wine, because the resveratrol, which is unique to red wine, activates the factors that control cell aging, thus slowing down aging and getting younger.