The financial crisis has actually caused a lot of people to gain weight.

The financial crisis has actually caused a lot of people to gain weight.

The unprecedented financial crisis is fierce and ubiquitous affects our lives.

In the face of the embarrassment of the wallet, how should we face this economic crisis, and the physical health crisis that followed?

  Cheap “comfortable food”, with great pressure and food as a consolation, in order to save money and no longer go to the gym. 31-year-old registered nurse Stephanie lost her job last winter and has not been settled yet, although she appears to be on the surfaceIt was calm, but my heart was very flustered.

Every time she thinks about her current state, she will be depressed, open the refrigerator and find some food to be empty.

Not surprisingly, she has gained 30 pounds per month in the past.

  She can find a lot of people who are sick with her.

A recent survey in the United States found that 25% of the 1,000 people surveyed preferred to eat a lot of high-conversion “comfortable food” after the financial crisis.

These foods have high sugar content and can alleviate people’s feelings of depression.

  The financial crisis has come, the wallet has tightened, but the waistline has been widened. Many people have started to open up and cut costs after the financial crisis, and junk food has become the focus of food.

But the direct result is that the waist is wide.

  Few people have a healthy diet.

Social psychologists and food regulatory experts and economists say that processed foods in many places like candy, biscuits, and instant noodles are cheaper.

According to statistics, the output of these junk foods increased in January.


  However, fast food such as McDonald’s and KFC are not necessarily cheap.

First of all, cooking at home is the most economical and cost-effective way.

  A private doctor said that her patients used to have healthy eating habits and insisted on exercising in the gym. However, since the financial crisis, their lifestyle has been affected and their health has been threatened.

A 21-year-old professional said that she used to have regular and healthy diets, but the impact of the financial crisis has shrunk. When she went to the supermarket to buy food, she could only pick frozen foods, which were cheaper than fresh ones.Both ends.

But she also paid a lot of money. She has gained 10 pounds in the past four months.

However, she has to pay a lot of other expenses, such as rent and transportation expenses, and she has a lot of life.

  While the way of eating is degrading, physical exercise is also left out.

  Almost all fitness centers have experienced a sharp drop in traffic.

Of course, treadmills, dance machines and other fitness equipment are not as good as before.

There is another more scary data: the financial crisis, people spend a lot less on medical treatment.

Being sick without receiving treatment will only make the condition worse.

Some obese patients therefore have to stop receiving treatment.

  Of course, the wallet is “slimming” and the body is getting fat. There is no necessary connection between the two.

Even if you are ashamed, you can take some sensible ways to stay healthy.

  If you can’t afford a high-end fitness center, then a smaller size is also a good choice.

If you don’t have spare cash in the gym, you can run and walk and jump and skip the ropes, but they don’t cost money.

  Can not afford steak beef, you can eat fish and eat chicken, these white meat is more beneficial than red meat.

  Sometimes, just an idea, you can suppress the idea that you want to eat “good food.”

“Cozy food” is not comfortable.

Eat so much junk food, wrapped in the emptiness of the stomach, what you really need to cover is the emptiness of the soul.