Is there any contraindication to the folliculitis diet?

These five types of food must be taboo

Is there any contraindication to the folliculitis diet?
These five types of food must be taboo

What are the dietary contraindications for patients with folliculitis?

For patients with folliculitis, some things can not be eaten, those diets will have a bad effect on the condition, such as the skin on the spicy stimulating food stimulates, promotes the body’s damp heat, leading to more and more serious folliculitis,Let’s talk about the dietary taboos of patients with folliculitis, and hope to help everyone.

The five major dietary contraindications for patients with folliculitis are taboo. Avoid spicy food. Spicy foods promote blood circulation and promote the body’s damp heat. Hey, sputum patients are more wet and hot, and the spicy foods cause oil to rise on the fire, allowing diffusion to spread.When avoiding spicy food such as chili, spicy oil, curry, Sichuan pepper, leeks, garlic, mustard.

Second, avoid drinking alcohol to help the long-term damp heat, so patients with this disease should not suffer, including liquor, wine, rice wine, beer and wine.

Especially in the early stage of folliculitis, phlegm and phlegm, alcohol consumption leads to accelerated development of bloating, which can lead to bacterial spread if not controlled in time.

Third, avoid the hot and divergent drugs such as cassia twig, cinnamon powder, aconite, dried ginger, atractylodes and other hot and divergent drugs, their own temperature and help the heat, easy to make the heat smear on the skin; the disease is easy to hurt by the use of sweat medicine,Decreased the body’s resistance, resulting in the disease is difficult to heal, or easy to relapse.

Fourth, avoid eating starch, fried, grilled food residue, fried food is difficult to digest, and can promote damp heat, so that damp heat and bloated is not easy to subside, so fried pork chops, fried steak, oily peanuts, oiled bean board, friedChicken, roast lamb and other products should not be eaten. It is best for patients to use steamed, stewed, boiled, and fried foods.

Fifth, avoid eating nourishing food, mutton, beef, pork and animal offal have a nourishing effect; ginseng, velvet, hippocampus, cinnamon, donkey-hide gelatin, antler gum, turtle shell glue and other valuable Chinese medicines have qi, yang, blood, yinThe role.

Although the person suffering from this disease has a weak person, it is still hot and humid, and the heat is ridden. The above foods will help the fire after use. It should be dialected that it is really weak.

Tips: The above is the relevant explanation of “food taboos for patients with folliculitis.”

Different types of folliculitis have different treatment methods, and patients go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment to avoid more serious symptoms.