What are the eight kinds of medicated diets for liver cancer patients?

What are the eight kinds of medicated diets for liver cancer patients?

Primary liver cancer is second only to gastric cancer, the highest death after esophageal cancer, one of the most common malignant tumors, liver pain, weight loss, digestive tract symptoms, anorexia, fever, metastatic symptoms are the clinical aspects of primary liver cancersymptom.

Pain in the liver area: The most common form of intermittent liver cancer, which is made by the rapid growth of the cancer.

The tumor invades the diaphragm and the pain can radiate to the right shoulder or right back.

Tumors that grow to the right can cause pain in the right side.

Suddenly, a sign of hypertensive abdominal pain and peritoneal irritation suggests a subcapsular hemorrhage of the cancer nodules or ulceration to the abdominal cavity.

Thin and weak, the whole body is weak.

A small number of patients in the late stage may be cachectic.

Fever: generally low heat, even up to 39 ° C, showing continuous or afternoon low heat or relaxation type high fever.

Fever is associated with the absorption of cancerous necrotic products.

Cancer compression or invasion of the bile duct can be complicated by biliary infection.

Gastrointestinal symptoms: decreased appetite, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which are easily overlooked due to lack of sex.

Symptoms of metastases: When liver cancer produces metastatic symptoms, it will manifest as symptoms of other organs. Pleural metastasis can cause chest pain and bloody pleural effusion.

Tumor embolization of the pulmonary artery or hair branch can cause pulmonary infarction, which can suddenly cause severe breathing difficulties and chest pain.

The inferior vena cava at the ends of the tumor thrombus may cause severe edema of the lower extremities and even a drop in blood pressure; Budd-Chiari syndrome may occur in the double hepatic vein, and lower extremity edema may also occur.

Transfer to bone can cause localized pain, or pathological fractures.

Transfer to the spine or compression of the spinal cord nerve can cause local pain and paraplegia.

Intracranial metastases may have corresponding localized signs and symptoms, and intracranial hypertension may also cause stroke and sudden death.

Other systemic symptoms: Liver cancer is a systemic disease characterized by a local response to liver cancer.

As the disease worsens, it will turn into more severe systemic symptoms, which become the so-called cancer syndrome.

Spotted eggs: 2 spotted eggs, 1 egg.

Function breaks blood and scatters, attacking and fighting cancer.

Make a small hole in the egg shell, separate the spotted scorpion (to the head and foot), seal it with cotton paper, cook it with simmer, go to the spotted scorpion, eat eggs.

Yam root stew: fresh kiwi root 100g, lean pork 200g.

Function of clearing away heat and detoxification, dampness, and blood circulation.

Add water to the pot, simmer with simmer, until the meat is cooked, eat meat and drink soup.

Gecko Wine: Live Gecko 5?
10, white wine (60 degrees) 500g.

Functional dispersal, pain relief.

Put the live gecko into a tin pot or brown bottle containing wine, and place it in the dark, usually for 7 days.

Drinking 2 per day?
3 times, drink 10ml each time.

蛤蟆散: 蟾蜍1?
2, functional detoxification, swelling, pain relief.

Take the skin of the cockroach (2 pieces), the heart, the liver, and the eye on the tile to bake the yellow, and grind it into a fine powder, which is divided into 5 packs.

Take a cockroach to remove the five internal organs, add water and fire to boil, and cold into a scorpion.

Take 1 pack of powder each time, take 2 times a day, and wash the rice wine.

Take 1 dose of the drug every time and take it once every other day.

Red fish meal: 1 large red thorn tail (2 small thorns).
The fishbone is baked and ground.

The function is to clear away heat and reduce inflammation.

Take 1 time a day and rinse with warm water.
Leaf porridge: 60g of young bamboo leaves, the amount of rice before, function detoxification and swelling, stop bleeding and relieve pain.

Firstly, the bamboo leaves are decoctioned and the stalks are cooked.

2 times in the morning and evening, take the right amount of porridge.

Tian Qi’s simmered stewed egg: Tian Qi 2?
3g, 30ml of oyster sauce, 1 fresh egg.

Functional dilated pain, stop bleeding.

Unshell the eggs, stir in the bowl, add the tartar sauce (washed with fresh mash, peeled, squeezed simmered juice) and Tianqi powder, mix well, add some rock sugar.

Liver cancer patients with vomiting blood or blood in the stool when the appropriate amount of food.

Chicken bone grass candied dates broth: chicken bone grass 30g candied dates 7?
8 pieces, lean pork 100g.

Function clearing heat and dampness and yellowing.

Add the appropriate amount of water to the top three, add a little salt to season, go to the dregs, drink soup and eat meat.

In general, diet is very important for the recovery of liver cancer patients and the treatment of liver cancer. Therefore, in order to enable patients to develop this disease as soon as possible, we must pay attention to the daily diet.

In addition to the above medicated diet therapy for liver cancer, it is also crucial to understand its scientific and effective treatment. Good treatment is the key to early rehabilitation of liver cancer patients.

In particular, the current clinical use of Xiaofei Live Live Decoction, the effect is significant, is the primary drug for successful treatment of liver cancer.