Diabetic complications are terrible!

3 kinds of hazards make you “fear”, drink 1 kind of diabetes without disturbing

Diabetic complications are terrible!
3 kinds of hazards make you “fear”, drink 1 kind of diabetes without disturbing

Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia. It is caused by a variety of factors such as heredity, environment, immune disorder and other factors, and diabetes is extremely harmful to human health.It often happens unconsciously, and if left unchecked, it can cause serious complications that endanger multiple organs and tissues.

Many people cause diabetes, mostly because many small partners nowadays do not pay attention to diet and lifestyle irregularities in their normal life. They only lead to diabetes, diabetes is not serious, and serious complications are. The common facts are as follows::1.

Infections, including hyperglycemia and white blood cells, are weakened, which prevents the capture and killing of invading bacteria by white blood cells. The extra blood sugar is also a good medium for microorganisms and can aggravate infection.


Diabetic foot diabetic foot refers to diabetic patients with neuropathy and various degrees of peripheral vascular disease leading to lower limb infection, ulcer formation and/or destruction of deep tissue, which may present as mild neurological symptoms to severeUlcer, infection.


Retinal retinopathy is also a common complication of diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should strengthen eye health every day, avoid excessive eye use, rest in the eye, and reduce glare stimulation.

Patients with diabetes, if the long-term high blood pressure remains high, or fluctuate greatly, will accelerate the emergence of complications, therefore, in the body of Chinese medicine to control blood sugar, stabilize blood sugar.

A tea can effectively stabilize blood sugar and prevent the deterioration of diabetes. This tea is called yellow chrysanthemum tea.

Yellow chrysanthemum tea is called “natural insulin”, not the substance that contains glucose, but it contains a glycoprotein (FIS-1) and a blend (F1).The role of blood sugar is present in its sclerotia and hyphae. People use its glucose skeleton (F1) to do experiments. It has been proved by experiments that the blood sugar of mice can be reduced by nearly one and a half, and can be maintained for up to 2 days.very obvious.

Drinking yellow chamomile tea every day is very helpful for people with diabetes. Therefore, it is also a very good choice to prevent diabetes from worsening through diet and tea treatment.